Best Skates, Ice Skates, Roller Skates & Inline Skates Reviews

Having glanced through this post, being a first timer, you might be forced to stop and bug yourself about how complicated skating is. Well, it's not ; If you know what works and where. In this article, I have provided comprehensive content on the three major Best skates - Roller skates, inline skates and ice skates, which include guides on how to get the best of them, use them, as well as reviews on the best Skates products on Amazon.

Inline Skating

Inline skating is a game that continues to enjoy worldwide patronage. It is a fairly new form of skating that is primarily carried out with inline roller skates. They have 2 to 5 roller blades assembled in a straight line, under a boot. Interesting, right?

Inline skating is conducted on streets, skate parks, off-roads, urban areas and specially prepared lanes. Inline skating differs from other forms of skating because you can achieve greater speed and manoeuvrability. more information in wiki

Ice Skating

Ice skating is the movement of an individual on ice with the aid of ice skates. Ice skating can be carried out for a number of reasons including exercising, for leisure, in moving from one place to another, as well as for competitive sports. Ice skating is usually conducted on built up ice lands, which could be both indoor as well as outdoor.

The earliest accounts of Ice skating took place in Southern Finland, as recently as 3,000 years ago. check more in wiki.

inline skates
ice skates

Roller Skating

Roller skating is one of the older versions of the skating world. Its practice has inspired activity in the other kinds of skating in the world today. Roller skating is travelling on ice surfaces with the aid of roller skates.

Roller skating gained prominence in The United states of America, between 1935 and 1960. Another period was in the 1970s, with roller skating staging a comeback in the 1990s. I can state the following important timelines for roller-skating: source Wiki

• 1743: The first time roller skating was first used to entertain in a London stage performance

• 1760: This is the year that the first roller skate invention was formally documented. The feat was credited to John Joseph Merlin.

• 1818: Roller skating took place during a ballet performance in France

• 1819: The year that a patent was issued to an inventor/designer, M. Petitbled of France.

Figure Skating

Figure Skating bears its origins from times in the pre-historic past. Recorded accounts have it that Figure skating has been around from 3000 BC. Improvements to the skates and sports by the Dutch and it became an international sporting event in 1891, at the European Championships in Germany.

Figure skating was given a big boost by a Swede, Ulrich Salchow. Not only did he win the World Championships several times, he created the design for serrated edges in the skates. This feature enabled skaters to produce enough traction in the ice, to launch long jumps. more details here.

figure skates

Best Inline Skates

Inline Skates, I guess you know from the name, are skates that are used for "inline skating" by a five wheel configuration assembled in a single line. The varieties used for recreation are usually outfitted with a rubber stop at the back of the skate frame.

A little bit of history will suffice here. Inline skates came as a response to skating on roads and other surfaces, apart from ice. Russian and American athletes started using inline skates in the 1980s to prepare for the Olympic Games.

A number of inventors and designers have been credited with the development of the best Inline skates, - John Joseph Merlin and Louis Lagrange of France.

The former is associated with the creation of single-to-many rowed devices that were widely used in the mid-1700s. Lagrange, on the hand, designed skates for use during warm weather.

Rollerblade Inc produced the first commercially available Inline skates, in 1987. The Inline skates made by Rollerblade Inc are top in the industry. The company has a near total dominance of the North American market. Interestingly, Rollerblade Inc, made annual sales of close to 20million USD, with several hundreds of thousands of rollerblades sold, in 2008.

At present, Inline skaters range from those for aggressive/energetic skating, those for fitness / recreational use. In addition, there are removable workable lines as well as those that have been adapted for young users.

Things to consider when buying inline skates

I know that for the first time inline skating enthusiast, buying your fist skates will pose somewhat of a challenge. For starters, I understand that you would not want to splash huge sums for new roller skates and I understand that it could prove tough getting a pair to rent.

It is important that you start out right with your inline roller skates so that you are not discouraged and end up quitting. If I were you, I would consider that I should avoid ill-fitting skates so I don’t get blisters and a sore ankle. Therefore, the most important rule for purchasing your own Inline Skates is the rule of fit. The rule stipulates the following:

My toes should slightly make contact with the front part of the boot when I am straightened out.

Conversely, my toes should not make with the boot when my knees are bent.

My ankles should be firmly but adequately supported during the course of a skating session. The rule of thumb here is not too tight and not too loose.

Best Inline Skates Reviews

Best Inline Skates for Men: Rollerblade Spark 80ALU Review

Rollerblade Men's Spark 80alu skate

The 80ALU from Spark offers one of the best Rollerblades on the market with a lovely mix of control, comfort and good quality components.

The Spark overtime has gained its reputation as one of the top manufacturers of ice-hockey skates for professionals. This Spark 80ALU has 80mm wheels that are tested and trusted for durability. It is known for being able to attain the speeds needed for racing and maneuvering sharp turns.

I believe it's properly equipped for the task if you'll be using your inline skates on professional skating rinks or rough outdoor surfaces, these wheels are fitted with SG5 bearings and rated at 82A. It features a premium grade aluminium frame that has an additional axle on it meaning you can remove the brakes at any point should you feel it is necessary.

The quality of the soft boot sitting atop the frame is also a marvel. Also, the quality of the lining of the shoe is also lovely although I feel the bling on the outer surface isn't very necessary. One hallmark of this skate is that it fits snugly no matter the size and it doesn't constrict the leg inside.

Ultimately and most importantly, its Velcro strap provides extra protection and the skate offers the best blend of utility and speed.


  • For professionals, speed isn't a problem
  • It has a premium grade aluminium frame
  • It is durable
  • It has a comfortable and soft liner


  • The bling on the outer surface is unnecessary
  • Can be a bit noisy

Best Inline Skates for Women: Rollerblade 90 Activa Inline Skates

Rollerblade Women's 2013 Activa 90 Inline

If you were looking for a lightweight and maneuverable skate that offers great control with every stride, then I recommend the Rollerblade Activa 90. This model is developed essentially for those that look to enhance their strides, regularly have a good workout or even just having fun.

It is a high-performance inline skate and it offers comfort, stability and precision. The way it is designed, it'll enable you to have cardio pumping workout with a comfortable and smooth ride for prolonged training minutes. It fits so well on the feet that it's comfortable in all the key areas and it can also be adjusted.

It features a power strap, adjustable buckles and an asymmetrical lacing system that ensures that this inline skate feels very natural to your legs. For fitness and fun, the larger wheel size and SG9 bearings will help you experience speed with ease and enhance your stride and glides. more details here.

It comes with a comfortable liner that is specialized 5-star fit and has a memory padding that ensures all-round comfort. The Activa 90 is also very durable due to its Lo-Balance magnesium frame. No matter what your demands are, this frame is tough and will serve demands without any unnecessary vibrations like other inline Overall; this is one of the best inline skates you'll find on the market. you may also consider K2 Skate Women's Kinetic 80 Inline Skate and Rollerblade Women's Zetrablade 80 Skates


  • It is a comfortable, soft and breathable boot that fits to foot
  • It fits and feels natural to the legs.
  • It enhances strides for efficient energy use
  • It allows efficient cardio pumping workouts


  • Not very good for beginning skaters

Best Kids Inline Skates: Rollerblade Spitfire LX ALU Inline Skates

Rollerblade Spitfire LX ALU Inline Skates Black / Orange

The Rollerblade Spitfire skates look very cool and are a great way to give your kids a trendy pair of skates. Its adjustable features are an added advantage because it allows you freedom to change anything if it isn't the way it should be.

One thing that makes this inline skates one of the best includes the fact that there's no fear of outgrowing them. It is unbelievably adjustable for up to four sizes as your child's foot grows.

These online skates allow your child to grow with them meaning if they're well taken care of, they'll last longer than many other inline skates. It allows for comfortable summertime outdoor cruising due to the breathable material it is made with.

It features a Junior 5 Star Fit Liner that ensures comfortability even during prolonged use. The Rollerblade Spitfire LX ALU Inline Skates have a Lo-Balance Alu frame that ensures durability and makes sure no energy is wasted with each skate stride.

With this inline skates, for sure you'll be giving your child a reliable and comfortable pair of skates that will enable them to enjoy their time outdoors and grow in skating confidence. In all, this is a great all round inline skates choice for kids and the fun that goes with it.


  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • It's adjustable for up to four sizes
  • Comfortable, durable and reliable


  • The material used isn't very breathable

Best Inline Hockey Skates: Tour Fish Bonelite Pro Skates

Tour Fish Bonelite Pro Skates

This inline skates due to its qualities are in my opinion one of the best and finest Rollerblades on the market. Whether you need an inline skate for women or men, it is very clear that this is one of the best. It fits very well and even when heat fitted, they remain incredibly comfortable.

The durability is evident in the fact that even after heavy handling and prolonged use, they don't seem like used or old rollerblades. Although this professional pair of inline skates has wheels that get dirty almost very quickly, they are easily replaced when you feel they need to be changed.

Manufactured in both black and white color, the BoneLite Pro skates provide excellent ventilation and performance. It has an outsole that's made of graphite and Labeda Hum'er Eviction frames meaning these inline skates are lightweight. You'll experience giant strides based on its 80mm Labeda Addiction wheels that provide grip on any type of indoor surface and excellent speed for professional users.

It boasts arguably the lowest centre of gravity for any inline skates on the market. When it also comes to comfortability, the new Accu-Aire liner used is top of the game. Ultimately, it features an In-Step honeycomb system that allows for excellent airflow all-round. This means the skate has an extended lifespan.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • It offers all round breathability
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor skating
  • Lowest centre of gravity in an inline skate


  • Its wheels get dirty quickly

Senior Inline Hockey Skates: Mission Inhaler AC3 Inline Skates

Mission Inhaler AC3 Senior Inline Hockey Skates

These are most likely the inline skates pair you should purchase if you're ready for a high performance and well detailed Rollerblade. As one of the best inline skates, this Mission Inhaler brand of hockey Skates are designed with different materials that ensure comfort, speed and stability.

At a good price, these rollerblades deliver quality performance. The Mission's Inhaler technology used in this product allows air to freely pass through the toecaps while blowing hot air out to keep your feet cool and dry.

It uses a a comfort liner with brushed nylon and a two-piece white felt-tongue that delivers awesome and comfortable fit. In designing Inhaler AC3, the tendon guard has been lowered compared to other models for a better range of motion. This provides longer, more efficient and powerful strides.

It features a redesigned aluminium frames that are stronger and lighter and bearings that ensure maximum durability, speed and grip. While it isn't a must, the manufacturers suggest that you perform a heat fitting when wearing these for the first time. Doing this will make your new inline skates feel very comfortable, just like sneakers.

With these, you'll have purchased one of the best and most comfortable, durable and high-performance inline skates.


  • Natural and perfect fit do any leg size
  • Soft and comfortable brushed Nylon liner
  • Aluminium frame that ensures maximum durability, grip and speed
  • Perfect for beginner to intermediate skaters


  • Arch support might feel insufficient for some people

 Best Ice Skates

Ice skates are assembled as boots that have blades attached beneath boot soles, thereby enabling an individual to move along the icy ground. The first ice skates produced were from the leg bones of certain animals. They included horses, oxen and deer. These primitive skates were attached to the shoe soles with leather strings. Another interesting addition to the skates was the need for a sharp metal pole, which pushed the user along. check out how to choose ice skates for beginners.

Modern ice skates are made differently and come in a number of varieties. The many variants of Ice skates that you can find include figure skates, hockey skates, bandy skates and racing skates. Others are racing skates, recreational skates as well as double runners.

• Figure Skates

These skates are used in Figure skating. In my estimation, figure skates differ from other skates because they have toe picks at the front part of the blades.

• Hockey Skates

Hockey skates find application in the game of hockey/ringette. The skates’ upper hood, especially for active hockey players, is not made from molded plastic. This is in order for the players to have greater mobility

• Bandy Skates

The skates in this category are used to play the game of bandy. I can state that the material used to make these skates is synthetic leather.

• Racing skates

Racing skates are used by players involved in speed skating. The blades are extended, length-wise, far beyond the hood above it.

• Touring Skates

Touring skates enable you to travel great distances across large expanses of ice. The skates have blades that are 1 to 1.5mm wide and are approximately 50cm long.

Things to consider when buying ice skates

Once again, I must state that the number one consideration when you want to buy an Ice skate is comfort. The ice skates must not be too tight, so your feet have room to breathe. Neither must they be too loose, so that your ankle if not well shielded.

In addition to the above rules, I will also suggest that you observe the following as well:

• Consider the weight of the potential user of the Ice skates

• If you are buying for kids, choose a size that fits when they put on the skates. However, because such kids will outgrow the boots, I will advise inexpensive, second-hand Ice skates

• For adults, I will suggest that he/she buys a skate that is a size and a half smaller than your normal shoe size.

• Choose a pair of Ice Skates that offer you great comfort.

Best Ice Skates Reviews

Best Ice Skates for Girls: Lake Placid Cascade Figure Ice Skate

This Lake Placid Cascade brand of ice skates is arguably the best Ice skates selling now on the market. Its major selling points are its strong ankle support and woven liners for extra comfort.

It has a good ankle support, which will benefit both veterans to beginner skaters. You will not find this ice skate stiff to use because it provides good balance. It also has strong lacing hooks for you to tie the boot firmly to your feet.

The waterproof sole at the bottom of this ice Skate ensures that you get to spend more time on the ice without fear of your feet getting wet.

It features warm woven liners having comfort padding to give you maximum comfort regardless of the number of hours you wear this ice skate shoes. This comfort feature lets you glide through the ice as comfortably as you need to be.

The stainless steel blade of this product allows you to move effortlessly on the ice with amazing twists and turns. You can sharpen the blade is strong and will not break when in use.

The Lake Placid Cascade Girls Figure Ice Skate has a sturdy design and the outer upper part of the boot has a synthetic material, which gives it an attractive look.

These Lake Placid Cascade Girls' Figure Ice Skates feature a sturdy and comfortable design with stainless steel blades. They have a vinyl exterior, extended counters that provide extra stability and velvet lining.


  • It is available in many sizes.
  • It provides optimum comfort.
  • It is great for beginners.
  • It offers good balance due to its lace hooks and ankle supports


  • You will have to sharpen the blade yourself before using because the blade is flat on delivery.

Ice Skates for Boys: Lake Placid Adjustable Ice Skates

This is another innovative ice skating boot by Lake Placid that grows with the user. It can expand up to four sizes, thus allowing you or your kid to continue using it while growing older.

It is size-adjustable using a push button to fit in many sizes of feet. This is one of its biggest features, which make it a customer favorite.

There is a waterproof sole at the bottom of the Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate, which allows you to spend more time on the ice without your feet getting wet.

The warm woven liners incorporate comfort padding which gives you maximum comfort regardless of the number of hours you have this ice-skating boots on. With this feature, you can ride smoothly through the ice as comfortably as you want.

A locking buckle strap allows you to put this boot on easily and ensures it stays on firmly on your feet when you wear them.

The stainless steel blade of the Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate allows you to glide effortlessly on the ice. You can sharpen this blade to give you the sleek finish you want.


  • It is expandable in size, as the user grows older
  • It fits firmly on your feet
  • It is very comfortable to use
  • Its locking straps work well


  • There have been some complaints about it not fitting well with some people

Best Womens Figure Skates: Riedell Figure Skates 110

The Riedell Figure Skates Model 110 Opal is a one-of-a-kind ice skating boot that I recommend for you to buy for yourself and your kids. It has light support and has an attractive appearance.

The Riedell Figure Skates Model 110 Opal has a traditional style, which fits well on your feet and lets you glide easily on the ice.

The inner foam quarter padding, gives you comfort while skating. The soft padding cushions your feet well into the boot and protects it from pains and sores.

Its stainless steel blades are chrome plated. This feature allows you to skate smoothly while turning and twisting because it gives it a smooth edge.

It has maintenance free PVC sole, which keeps water away from your feet. No matter how long you spend on the ice, your feet will remain dry.

An uppers support keeps gives your feet more comfort and it has a boot support level 20. With these features, you will experience great comfort while using this boot.


  • It is available in all sizes for children and adults
  • It provides good comfort when in use
  • Its sole has a waterproof design and it is maintenance free
  • The blade of the boot comes pre-sharpened


  • It does not expand as users feet grow

Best Ice Skates for Boys and Girls: XinoSports Premium Adjustable Skates

The XinoSports Premium Adjustable Ice Skates offer you a safe and adventurous way to get your family together to enjoy a nice time outdoors on the ice. The biggest benefit of this ice skating boot is that both sexes can use it.

This ice skating boot has a size adjustable feature that allows your kid to use it for many years to come. This feature is accessible by pushing a user-friendly button on the side of the boot while pulling the front of the boot.

The already sharpened stainless steel blade of high quality that comes with this ice skating boot has a protective cover to ensure safety when the boot is not in use. This protective cover sheaths the blade and thus prevents accidents like cuts.

It features an ankle support, which promises maximum comfort all through the time you have it on. Its soft padding provides better stability and lets you enjoy your skating experience

The moisture resistant feature and the insulated lining help to keep your feet warm during the period you wear this boot. Your feet will remain dry at all times


  • The stainless steel blade comes pre-sharpened
  • It is comfortable
  • It offers a No-Questions-Asked 60-day money back guarantee
  • It is adjustable and can grow in size as the user grows
  • The stainless steel blade has a protective cover for safety


  • The blade can rust if you do not clean it dry after each use

Ice Skate Blade Guards: Supergard Ice Skate

The Supergard Ice Skate Guard exhibits the most important attributes of an Ice skating boot. Its stainless steel blade is highly durable and has a protection feature to ensure the blade does not cause injuries when not in use.

There is a non-slip strap at the exterior, which holds the Supergard Ice Skate Guard firmly on your feet. This boot will never fall off when in use.

The drainage holes on the side of the boot ensure any leftover moisture on the boot drains off. This extends the lifespan and durability of the boot.

Unlike most ice skating boots, the steel blades that come with the Supergard Ice Skate Guard do not need regular sharpening. This saves you extra cost of sharpening the blade.

The blade has a serrated bottom to ensure stability and grip while walking. It also has a wider stance to give more stability.

The blade guard that comes with the Supergard Ice Skate Guard has a design, which ensures that the blade does not touch the bottom of the guard. The blade floats in it, hence keeping it edges sharp as well as protecting it against rust.


  • The blade does not need regular sharpening
  • The protective cover of the blade keeps the blade off the bottom and thus maintains its smooth edge.
  • The drainage holes keep water off the boot to prevent rusting of the blade
  • The boot has a good grip and keeps users comfortable


  • there have been complaints that the blade ate through the protective guard after walking on them for long

Best Roller Skates

Roller Skates are shoes that are fitted with wheels to enable the user to roll along a surface or ground. They were made when the blades on the ice skate were replaced with wheels. Contemporary designs for roller skaters are configured with four wheels, similar to what you have in a car.

The roller skate has a rich history. It started with the endeavors of Joseph Jon Merlin, who first replaced the blades of the ice skate wit wheels. This was in 1760. James Plimpton provided the basis of the present-day roller skate. His design featured a rocking skate, which had four wheels that provided stability and axles that enabled independent movement in relation to the user.

The Roller Skating Association, founded in 1937 in the USA promotes the use of skates in everyday life and conducts classes and workshops.

Check how to choose roller skates for beginners.

Did You Know That There Are Health Benefits Associated With Roller Skating?

The Roller Skating Association has tabled a number of health benefits that you can enjoy while taking part in a roller skating session. For starters, I discovered that your burn approximately 350 or 600 calories per hour when you roller skate for either 6 miles or 10 miles per hour respectively. The other health benefits include the following:

• Roller skating improves your leg strength

• You do not suffer from impacts at the joints

• Roller Skating improves body balance and steadies the core

• Roller Skating enhances body coordination

• Roller Skating ensures your cardio-vascular well- being, as your heart is kept up and running during the course of a skating session.

• Roller skating is an all round exercise regime, that targets almost all parts of the body.

Things to consider when buying Roller skates

I know that you are all geared up to hit the road with your Roller skates. However, you must take into consideration the following tips when either buying or renting your next roller skates:

• Consider wheel hardness and the surface you will move on

The wheel of the roller skates is the arguably the most important part of the Roller skates. A wheel could be soft or hard, depending on where you intend to skate. Soft wheels are best suited for outdoor use on slippery floors, while hard wheels perform better at sticky floors

• The wheel diameter will determine the control of speed, acceleration, stability and the weight of the user.

• The weight of the wheel plays a big part in the weight of the roller skates

Best Roller Skates Reviews

Best Roller Skates for Girls: Roller Derby Skates

They are arguably the best roller skates for girls on the market. Just picture your daughter's favorite shoes with four red wheels at their bottom and a Velcro strap system at the collars. The features this product comes with makes them superior to an inline skate.

This brand of Roller Skates has a lace-up design with a Velcro strap at the collar. This ensures that the shoes stay firmly on your child's feet while skating.

A padded collar functions to ensure Comfortability while in use. With the help of its lightweight torsion beam chassis, your kid would enjoy more stability and less falls.

The four-urethane wheels allow users to perform flips and turns with relative ease. Its excellerator bearings give it smoothness and let your child glide confidently.

These roller skates have high durability and are capable of withstanding falls and hits. You never get to worry about the lifespan of the shoes.


  • They do not detract from the feet
  • Having them on is as comfortable as wearing rubber shoes
  • They are strong and durable
  • They are affordable


  • I would not recommend these roller skates for your kid if he grows fast

Best Roller Skates for Kids: PlayWheels Disney Frozen Glitter Skates

The PlayWheels Disney Frozen Glitter Roller Skates are colorful skating shoes for kids that come with Toe brakes on each shoe and kneepads. Your little one can cruise all around the neighborhood with this Roller skate.

They features steel slide buckles which enable the shoes to expand to the size of your kid's feet provided he or she is within an age range of 3 to 6 years old. You can do the expansion by adjusting thumbscrews up to 2 inches.

There are durable toe brakes on these roller boots for quick stops. This can be a good safety precaution in cases of emergency.

They come with a pair of kneepads to ensure more safety and protection when accidents occur. The knee pads are impact resistant and can grow in size by adjusting the hook and loop straps. Your little one can thus enjoy his jolly ride with a sense of safety and security.

The four-wheel design of the PlayWheels Disney Frozen Glitter Roller Skates gives more stability. Your child can walk conveniently with these shoes without tripping.


  • They are great for beginners
  • They come with impact resistant kneepad
  • The toe brakes ensure safety
  • They are size adjustable


  • The kneepads do not guarantee enough protection

Best Roller Skates for Beginners: Chicago Rink Skates for Girls

The Chicago Girl's Rink Skates is a four-wheel roller skate for the young female folks. The boots have high quality vinyl material on the interior. This will give your daughter complete feet protection because vinyl is tougher than leather.

These skating shoes feature an easy lace-up system that allows it to fit securely on the feet. The vinyl design also allows better comfort for the feet while in use.

The Chicago Girl's Rink Skates has an Aluminium base with an easy to adjust tuck for effortless turnings, spinning and control. The nylon chassis is lightweight. This is very essential if your daughter is new to skating because the shoes will feel light on her legs, which enables her to express herself with it.

The quad wheels of these skating shoes are below the wide Aluminium base and this ensures stability.

They are durable and impact resistant because they have a construction of high quality urethane. The semi-precision bearings present aids the rolling of the wheels and makes them glide freely on both smooth and rough surfaces.


  • They are durable and sturdy
  • They are light in weight
  • They provide good ankle support and stability
  • They are affordable
  • They come with a 30-day warranty


  • They are a bit heavy

Best Roller Skates for Boys: Roller Derby Skates

These are one of the best roller skates for boys on the market. Some of the features that make them highly rated are the presence of four precision red wheels at the bottom and a Velcro strap system at the collar for comfort and stability.

This Roller Skates model features a lace-up design with a Velcro strap at the collar. This ensures that the shoe stays firmly on your boy's feet while skating.

A padded collar functions for comfortability while in use. With the help of its lightweight torsion beam chassis, your little one would enjoy more stability and fall less if he is a beginner.

The four-urethane wheels will allow him to perform twists and turns with relative ease. Its excellerator bearings give it smoothness and this lets him ride with a zoom.

The Roller Derby Boys' Firestar Roller Skates has a high durability and it is resistant to falls and hits that associates with skating.


  • They attach firmly to the feet
  • They are comfortable to wear and offer good stability
  • They are strong and durable
  • They are affordable


  • They are not a good choice for a boy who grows fast

Best Roller Skates for Women: Chicago Rink Skates

If you would like to join your family on an outdoor experience or have some fun with your female friends, then the Chicago Women's Rink Skate is a good gear to take. They are traditional skating shoes with ankle support and an easy to use lacing system. This enables you to adjust the shoes, as you want.

The Chicago Women's Rink Skates features an easy to use lace-up system that allows it to fit securely on your feet. Using the lace system is simple and fast.

At the bottom of the skate is an Aluminium base with an easy to adjust tuck for effortless turnings, spinning and control. This is important if you are new to skating for you to enjoy a jolly ride.

The four wheels on each shoe of the Chicago Women's Rink Skates are below the wide Aluminium base and this ensures stability. They are durable, resistant to wear and tear of skating because they have a construction of high quality urethane. The semi-precision bearings present aids in the smooth rolling of the wheels and lets you enjoy a good time skating on either a smooth or a rough surface


  • They are durable and sturdy
  • They are light in weight
  • They provide good ankle support and stability
  • They are affordable
  • They come with a 30-day warranty


  • They are a bit heavy

I have chosen and reviewed the products in this section have been chosen in accordance with the buying guide provided above, as well as in consideration with personal experiences and reviews on the merchant site.


Skating is becoming increasingly a game that individuals enjoy, whether for leisure or for formal pursuits like skating at the Olympics. Whatever purpose you intend to put your skates to, I strongly recommend that you get the basic training involved in the proper use of skates.

Consider also the skates themselves and do as I would: ask questions. These questions include inquiries about the surface you intend to skate on, the types of blades used in the production of the blades, the wheel size and hardness/softness, as well as other important factors.

Skating also involves staying for a long period on your feet. I will recommend that you go for comfortable shoes. The rule of thumb in this article above is that you must be comfortable in whatever skates you decide to use. Your toes must have ample room to wriggle completely the boots must be firm enough to support your ankles.

I insist that you are not a complete skater until you have worn the correct protective gear. Such gear includes helmets, knee pads/protector, elbow joint protection as well as other protective gear.

In order to enhance you skating experience, I would suggest that you join associations, clubs and online forums. This will serve to give you access to relevant skating tips and methods, product reviews and endorsements, teaching classes and workshops as well as other relevant matters as pertains to Skating.